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Pushchair and Accessories

A pushchair is usually a collapsible chair-shaped carriage in which a small child can be wheeled. It is also known as baby buggy, baby carriage, carriage, perambulator, pram, stroller, go-cart and pusher.

Newer versions can be configured to carry a baby lying down like a low pram and then can be reconfigured to carry the child in the forward facing position. Some models have removable seat which can be hand carried or used as a car seat.

Pushchairs come with a number of accessories that make life easier when using to transport babies.

  • Footmuffs/Cosytoes/BuggySnuggles: These all attach to the seat of your pushchair and usually have a removable top section so that you can use the bottom section as a pushchair liner if you wish. The footmuff is used to keep your baby nice and warm in colder weather meaning that you don't have to use a snowsuit or all in one fleece. You can dress your baby in a normal jacket instead.
  • Buggy Boards: If your older child isn't keen on sitting still for long periods, you may be better off saving your money and buying a single pushchair which has a platform on the back for your toddler to stand on while you push. Or you can buy a buggy board which can be fitted behind the back wheels of most standard umbrella folding pushchairs. It provides a sturdy platform on wheels on which an older child can stand for a ride. Kiddy boards are the alternatives which are used to fit on the back of standard pushchairs or prams.
  • Raincover: Keeps your baby dry in wet weather.
  • Raincape: Is a lightweight, zip-up shower-proof cover with a hood that fits snugly around your child and the pushchair.
  • Sunshade: Usually made out of mesh fabric to keep your baby out of the sun. It also doubles up as an insect net.
  • Parasols: Clip onto the side of the pushchair and are another way of keeping your baby in the shade whilst out and about.
  • Fleece Lambskin: Can fit pushchairs and also car seats. Many parents swear by the, as a way of keeping their babies happy and cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Shopping Bags: Are usually made of stretchy mesh type fabric and clip onto the back of the pushchair. Try not to overload your pushchair with shopping though as it can make it unstable. It is safer to store your shopping in a basket under the pushchair. You can buy pushchair weights which attach to your pushchair front wheels to make the pushchair more stable.
  • Pram and buggy toys: are numerous and clip over the side of the pushchair to amuse your baby while out and about.
  • Changing Bags: are available to coordinate with pushchairs in matching colours.

At Medplus, we stock and sell a wide range of pushchair and accessories to meet your exact needs and your babies needs. Items can be ordered, picked at any of our stores closest to you or delivered to any destination of your choice.