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Baby Toiletries

Choosing baby toiletries can be a matter of trial and error as every baby is different and a product that may be for sensitive skin, still may not be suitable for very sensitive skin. Your baby's skin can absorb a lot of products or react to them and as a mother, the best way is to try several products and see which work best for you and your baby.

Baby toiletries include baby shampoo, body-care, skincare, bath, accessories, etc. They are essential in the lives of babies as they help in nurturing the sensitive skin of a baby as well as protecting the baby against infectious diseases.

A baby's skin is very vulnerable and in the first few weeks, you should avoid using perfumed baby bubble baths, shampoos and oils as they may cause an uncomfortable reaction. There a re plenty of gentle skincare ranges which are made especially for your baby's delicate skin. Some have natural essential oils. Others contain milk protein or vitamin and some others contain mild flower and plant extracts.

Many babies suffer from eczema and this often appears by six months. Eczema makes patches of your baby's skin dry out and begin chaffing. This can be uncomfortable for your baby. Emulsifying ointment or cream instantly sooths and helps rehydrate your baby's skin. If your baby is showing signs of eczema or dry skin, try and avoid using soap to wash baby as this may dry skin further and perhaps switch to an alternate lotion or oil to see if this helps. 

At Medplus, we stock and sell varieties of baby toiletries. Our products can be ordered, picked at any of our stores closest to you or delivered to any destination of your choice.